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Your LMS onboarding deserves a go-to-market plan

Your LMS onboarding deserves a go-to-market plan. Learn how Kry's Maria Laxell increased adoption by thinking like a marketer - and borrow her learnings.

The role of delight in product development. Behind the scenes of Sana’s latest Kano week.

Delight plays an important role in product development. Here’s how Kano weeks helps us to build a better learning product, and a happier team.

The art and science of LMS selection with Filip Lam

Discover why your next LMS selection will deliver the results you need. Combine the art and science of selection to find the perfect LMS partner.

It’s time to ditch the LMS features laundry list

You’re looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) that will integrate seamlessly into your company. It's tempting to get drawn into extensive comparison tables, but – and I say this with love and first-hand experience – don't do it.

Don't limit your LMS for training. Use it to uncover new leaders.

Your LMS might deliver your inhouse training sessions perfectly. But if that’s all you’re using it for, you’re missing a trick. Your LMS can help you to find new leaders who can take the spotlight. Here’s how.

Leadership principles: your most powerful leadership development tool

What Sana’s leadership principles are and why they matter and how to create and reinforce leadership principles within your organization

The LMS integration - every scaling company's best kept secret

LMS integration is important for several reasons. Read all about the features to be aware of here and find the right solution for your business.

Your ABC guide to the LMS

If you’re new to the world of learning technology, we’ve got you. Here are all the questions you should never be afraid to ask when understanding and choosing an LMS for the first time.

A Learning Manager’s guide to hacking your LMS comparison

It’s time to choose your new LMS. You know what you’re looking for, but how can you make the right choice for your learners? Get your free LMS Comparison guide here.

How to build a business case for your new learning platform

In your eyes, the case is clear: your learners need the best. Yet even when learning is high on the strategic agenda, it can be challenging to convince senior stakeholders to commit to the budget your learners deserve.

Extraordinary onboarding

A company is nothing without a culture that empowers its employees to learn, develop, and grow. That culture starts with your onboarding process.

Scaling accelerated learning with Professionals Nord

Professionals Nord, Sweden's fastest-growing staffing company, has partnered with Sana to scale its Accelerated Learning programs.

It's time to reimagine blended learning

When L&D has combined in-person classroom training with online learning, we increased engagement and learning outcomes. Or at least we did. Before the world turned upside down.

The what, why, and how of collaborative learning

The most powerful and memorable learning occurs when we talk and collaborate with others. Here's why and how you should embrace collaborative learning.

How and why fast-moving organizations should reimagine e-learning

E-learning is not what you think it is. Learn how to overcome the great content scatter and make learning more engaging.

Sweden’s major non-profit organizations partner with Sana Labs to provide free training to Ukrainian refugee volunteers

Sana Labs has joined the cross-sector initiative A Safe Start in Sweden to support people fleeing from Ukraine.

Leveling up leadership development with Lyko

Lyko, the Nordics' leading haircare and beauty specialist, has partnered with Sana to take its leadership development to the next level.

Enabling a sustainable future through learning

Svea Solar, one of Europe's fastest-growing cleantech startups, has partnered with Sana to accelerate its growth journey through learning.

frontiers forum

Something magical happens when people come together. When we can build on each other's ideas and develop new points of view, that’s when learning is at its best.

Enabling personalized learning for Hemfrid

Hemfrid, Sweden's largest company within home services, is partnering with Sana Labs.

Bringing personalized,
collaborative learning to life

Every six months, we gather the Sana team around the Hamming question: "What are the most important problems in your field?"

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