Scaling accelerated learning with Professionals Nord

Professionals Nord, Sweden's fastest-growing staffing company, has partnered with Sana to scale its Accelerated Learning programs.

"We have only the highest ambitions for our Accelerated Learning programs, and that's why we chose Sana. The platform uses cutting-edge technology to personalize the individual learning experience and enhance the group learning experience. Combining self-paced courses with live group sessions—and making every moment interactive and practical—will take our consultants to a new level. Ultimately, we want to inspire talent to learn new things and find joy in learning. We're excited to partner with Sana and achieve that mission together."
Hanna Maisey, Business Area Manager - Accelerated Learning at Professionals Nord

Professionals Nord's Accelerated Learning initiatives will consist of diverse re- and upskill programs. These programs will help talent build in-demand skills that kick start their new careers. First up in the partnership with Sana is the Salesforce Academy.

The Salesforce Academy is an intensive 12-week program that teaches the consultants to master the world's largest CRM system. Upon graduating, the consultants receive guaranteed employment as Salesforce consultants.

The Salesforce Academy launches on Sana on October 6th. The first of many re- and upskilling programs, the Salesforce initiative signals the start of a lasting and impactful collaboration:

"We are very inspired by Professionals Nord's mission to connect critical skills development with world-class career opportunities. After all, everyone's career success rests on continuous learning. Our job at Sana is to provide the tools that enable companies like Professionals Nord to remain at the forefront of that journey. With our mutual high ambitions, there's no limit to what this partnership can achieve."
Joel Hellermark, CEO and founder Sana Labs

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