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Discover the first truly end-to-end learning platform

Collaborative authoring

Create self-paced courses and live group sessions. Together.

Automated LMS

Manage, analyze, and scale all your learning initiatives. With automations.

Virtual classroom

Host interactive training sessions. Without switching tabs.

Integrated LXP

Upskill your learners with multiple content providers. Under one roof.


Meet the AI assistant trained on all your company’s knowledge

Semantic search

Find the exact information you need. In under 100ms.


Get answers to any question or idea. Specific to your company.

Meeting transcription

Identify to-dos and share summaries. Without lifting a finger.


Automate repetitive tasks and free up time. For good.

AI Summit 2023

On May 31, we gathered some of the world’s leading AI experts, executives, and researchers to explore our AI-infused future.

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Winter Release 2023
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