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Collaborative learning

Level up live and self-study sessions

Say goodbye to zoom fatigue. Sana provides all the tools you need to keep your team on the edge of their seats, whether they’re studying alone or together.

Run truly interactive experiences

Discussion cards, polls, and quizzes are your building blocks to a more versatile, energizing, and engaging experience

Combine real-time and self-paced study

Final deadlines and challenging exercises keep motivation high in between your legendary live sessions

Adjust live sessions on the fly

Real-time content editing means there’s always room to throw in an extra topic or squeeze in that one last challenge

Tailor teaching to learner performance

Learner insights and analytics help you make smarter decisions on everything from session difficulty and pace to breakout room groups

Adaptive learning

Personalize the learning experience

Let AI lend a hand. With learning paths tailored to each employee’s role and skill gaps, you can help your team develop in the way they need to most.

Accelerate career pathways

Sana’s role assessments identify the skills employees need to progress

Create personalized paths

Assessments automatically create a unique program of live training and self-study

Close skill gaps

Placement tests save learners time and personalized reviews target knowledge gaps

Track skill development

Skill analytics provide detailed insights into individual and group performance

AI-assisted authoring

Empower every instructor

Sana’s AI takes the heavy lifting out of creating sessions and courses so that anyone in your team can share their knowledge and expertise effectively.

Auto-generate questions

Sana will scan your content and suggest relevant questions to challenge your learners with

Adapt existing content

Sana will instantly convert existing PDF files so you don’t have to start from scratch

Create in minutes

Quiz templates and drag and drop design make content creation effortless

Collaborate in real time

Multiplayer editing and instant commenting help you act on feedback faster

Sana Labs is a true strategic learning partner for us.
In addition to building a great product, the Sana team is committed to understanding how we work, and are collaborating with us to ensure we get the most value from their platform. It's incredibly refreshing to have a product company care so much about our success.

Patrik Ågren, Head of Leadership & Competence Development


All-in-one platform

Simplify your learning stack

Fast-growing scale ups love that Sana works right out of the box. Established enterprises appreciate that they can either consolidate their existing stack or enhance it.

Whether you’re a team of 100 or 10 000, Sana is the only platform that enables you to truly bring learning to life—by tailoring collaborative experiences to each learner’s skill gaps.

Concierge onboarding

Adapt existing material quickly and effectively with the help of in-house experts

LMS/LXP integration

Build on what you’ve got and extend the value of Sana to your organization

Multilanguage translation

Get high-quality translations instantly and distribute courses across international teams

User management

Set up the right permissions at the learner and group level

Content integrations

Upload courses to your LMS via SCORM and integrate with LinkedIn Learning

Custom branding

Make Sana yours by adding your brand logo, font, and colours

GDPR & ISO 27001 compliance

Trust that your data is safeguarded with enterprise security

SSO authentication

Bring learners seamlessly onto Sana with single sign-on