Announcing our Series B round

Dear Sana partners and supporters,

Today, I'm thrilled to share that Sana has raised a $34m Series B round of funding led by Menlo Ventures. Also joining the round was our existing investor EQT Ventures, along with several incredible founders and operators.

We founded Sana with the mission to change the way the world learns. Since day one, we've obsessed over the potential for artificial intelligence and design to transform learning when it matters most. When the pandemic struck in 2020, we rallied to help 100,000 nurses upskill through personalized courses and learning recommendations. As the world transitioned to a new hybrid reality in 2021, we simplified and enhanced group learning with a built-in interactive video platform called Sana Live. And this year, as everyone navigates economic uncertainty, we've leveraged the advances in Generative AI to launch Sana Assistant and Universal Search — enabling organizations to unlock knowledge at unprecedented scale and speed.

We choose to build these solutions, not because they are easy, but because they are hard and meaningful. After all, everything starts with learning. Improving how people learn about solar accelerates the transition to renewable energy. Improving how researchers learn about heart failure accelerates the development of life-saving medicines. Thousands of companies have dedicated themselves to solving the world's most important problems. It's our job at Sana to help them achieve those missions faster. Today, we're honored to empower tens of thousands of employees at some of the world's most pioneering organizations — including Alan, Kry/Livi, Merck, and Svea Solar.

With our new capital, we will double down on our core learning platform to ensure that Sana is the most powerful and reliable way for teams to create, share, and harness knowledge. We will also continue exploring new ways to serve pioneering companies around the world by building dedicated products around universal search and knowledge management. To achieve these goals, we will grow our team across Stockholm, London, and New York.

The team that has built Sana from scratch is nothing short of exceptional. Unique in their passions and strengths yet united in their dedication and ambition, they are the pragmatic dreamers I always hoped to work with. As Sana enters its new phase of growth, we remain more committed than ever to building a generational company where people can do their life's work, without compromises.

Sana's long-term ambition is to build an internet-scale Library of Alexandria, where more than a billion people can learn about anything and share everything they know. If you're interested in helping us make that happen, we're hiring — your life's work is waiting for you.

Now, as we head into the Holidays, the Sana team is preparing to enjoy some much-earned celebration and rest. Before I round off, a final word to our partners: thank you. For choosing us over the status quo, believing in our long-term vision, and sharing continuous product feedback. You've helped us shape Sana into the platform it has become. Today's news is as much your success as it is ours.

All my best,

Joel Hellermark
Founder and CEO

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