Reimagining learning

Learning is the foundation for human progress—a chance to create better versions of ourselves and the world around us. This belief is the heart of Sana, and it informs everything we do.

With breakthroughs in AI, we no longer need to use one-size-fits-all training models. Instead, we can make learning personalized, adaptive, and impactful.

Our purpose

Change the way the world learns
And improve the lives of many

Today, we’re proud to be partnering with some of the world’s fastest-growing startups and most influential organizations—helping them empower their teams across the globe to realize their full potential.

Our vision

Personalized learning, for everyone, everywhere

Learning should be a continuous process of discovery and development. We want to make that process available to everyone. In the way that best serves each individual.

Because when we learn in a way that suits our unique needs and aspirations, we learn faster and smarter, and achieve things that were previously unimaginable.

World-leading design

We craft learning experiences that are intuitive, inspiring, and delightful.

Enhanced by AI

We apply the latest breakthroughs in Machine Learning to tailor the learning experience to each individual.

Rooted in Learning Science

We use findings and insights from educational psychology to optimize how people learn.

Project Florence

80,000+ healthcare workers used Sana to help fight COVID-19

In 2020, healthcare systems worldwide struggled to meet the demand for treatment against COVID-19. They urgently needed to train more healthcare workers in the latest intensive care practices.

Partnering with Mt Sinai Health System and Karolinska Institutet, we curated a critical care curriculum for healthcare workers to learn on Sana. With a learning experience tailored to each individual, we could help them leverage existing skills and acquire new knowledge quickly.

To date, Sana has upskilled over 80,000 healthcare workers in more than 2,000 hospitals across 80 countries.