Sana Labs | AI for Learning

We believe in educational

Personalized learning is proven to produce learning gains for the average learner in the order of two standard deviations. Our mission is to apply recent breakthroughs in machine learning to make personalized learning accessible to everyone — providing these benefits at a global scale.

About Sana Labs

Sana Labs is the global leader in the development and application of AI for learning. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, we partner with Fortune 500 organizations to bring the benefits of AI to millions of learners. Our interdisciplinary team consists of researchers and engineers with backgrounds ranging from Google AI and Spotify to BCG Gamma and Imperial College.

Our Thesis

The global learning industry is vast, valued at over $6 trillion in 2018, and is undergoing a sea-change with the move to digital and online instruction, materials, and modalities. The shift to digital and online resources is enabling what many educators consider to be the holy grail of learning  —  personalized, adaptive instruction and assessment. With the Sana platform, we aim to be the engine that drives this change forward —  fundamentally improving the entire industry’s capability to educate and directly impacting hundreds of millions of peoples' lives every day.

Joel Hellermark


An enterprising child, Joel taught himself to code in C at age 13 and founded his first company, a video recommendation technology, at 16. Joel is an appointed AI-specialist by the Swedish government and was named Sweden’s ‘top talent’ 2018 by Veckans Affärer, one of the country’s largest business magazines. In 2019, The Guardian named Joel one of ten people under 35 changing the world for the better. Joel’s work on the Sana technology has been featured in leading forums including NAACL, SXSW, Fast Company, TED, BBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, Slush, Cognition X, Financial Times, The Guardian, and Wired.

Anna Nordell-Westling


Anna is an entrepreneurial strategic brand builder with 15+ years of experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies at Saatchi & Saatchi, Acne, and King. She also ran her marketing acceleration agency for five years working in Stockholm, Berlin, San Fransisco, and Kuala Lumpur. Anna is currently active in Stockholm.AI, an advisor of the AI Sustainability Center and sits in the steering committee of Nordic.AI. She is named one of the most inspiring tech leaders in the Nordics by Inspiring Fifty. In 2016 Anna co-founded Sana Labs, since then focusing on building a world-class team, brand, sales and sharing the Sana Labs’ story with the world as a keynote speaker.

Jon Lexa

Chief Commercial Officer

Jon joined us from Boston Consulting Group where he worked in Advanced Analytics and Digital Transformations. He has over 7 years of experience in operations, as well as leading small, focused teams in large scale implementations of AI and advanced analytics. His operations experience include fund raising, transitioning business models from consulting to software, and improving business performance. His technical experience includes working as a product manager, building and deploying AI and advanced analytics platforms. Jon earned a B.Sc. in Cognitive Science from UCLA and an MBA from INSEAD.

Oscar Täckström, PhD

Director of Research

Oscar has 15+ years of experience with machine learning and software engineering, most recently spending 6 years at Google Research. At Google, Oscar did research on neural architectures and loss shaping for language- and video understanding problems. He has worked across the stack on problems ranging from question answering, query understanding, search ranking, machine translation, and video generation, deploying state of the art models at Google scale. Prior to this, Oscar did 3 internships at Google Research and earned a PhD in Computational Linguistics from Uppsala University after obtaining a MSc from KTH. Oscar took his first steps with coding at age seven and first got in contact with neural networks for digit recognition at ReadSoft in 1999, while still in high school.

Faruk Sahin

Director of Product

Faruk has 10+ years of experience in engineering and product development. He has led the design, development, and integration of robust and highly scalable solutions at Sana Labs, Spotify and various other startups and well-established tech organizations. Faruk most recently worked at Spotify as a product manager with the development of Spotify’s external APIs and Playback SDKs which enabled hundreds of companies like Sonos, Google, Facebook and Amazon to bring music into their products. Faruk earned an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Linköping University graduating first class.

Valentino Pacifici, PhD

Director of Data Science

Valentino previously worked at The Boston Consulting Group leading a team of data scientists building powerful analytics-based solutions to help clients tackle their most pressing business problems. He holds a double M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Victor Ginsburg Müller

Director of Design

Victor has 20+ years of experience designing digital experiences and products. His experience spans from working as a design director with the world's biggest brands through top tier agencies to startups both as founding CPO and first product hire. As head of design Victor is responsible for the continuous work of improving the experience and consistency of Sana Labs products and brand.

Susanna Nilsson, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Susanna previously worked at AstraZeneca, harnessing predictive modelling and segmentation techniques to optimise drug therapies in a selection of target populations, to great effect. At Sana Labs, Susanna harnesses the latest research to build state-of-the-art models.Susanna earned her PhD in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London.

Sofie Nabseth

Marketing Manager

Sofie previously worked at the investment firm Karnell screening potential investments in small and medium sized unlisted Nordic companies. She earned her MSc in Industrial Management and Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology and spent a semester during her masters at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina. During her studies, she did internships at Citi, Barclays Investment Bank, and Morgan Stanley.

Samuel Björklund

Senior Business Development Manager

Samuel previously worked as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group, supporting clients on a wide array of topics ranging from strategic planning, corporate turnaround, to pricing. At BCG, Samuel also worked extensively on bringing high-value, transformative analytics use cases to market. He holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University.

Viktor Qvarfordt

Engineering Manager

Viktor previously worked at VPD Financial Software where he developed software for financial analysis used by some of Sweden's leading banks and asset managers. Prior to VPD Financial Software, Viktor did a research internship at Ericsson and helped develop one of Sweden's largest online courses in mathematics at the department of mathematics of Stockholm University. Viktor holds a joint MSc in Mathematics from the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University where he did research on topological quantum computing.

Miruna Cristus

Data Scientist

Miruna earned her Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics and Data Science at Harvard University. During her studies, she worked on a range of projects, including natural language processing algorithms in the medical field, building civic engagement models for local communities in Europe, and researching compartmental models with application to measles epidemics.

Ulf Karlsson

Staff Software Engineer

Ulf has 15+ years of experience with software engineering, having previously worked at Spotify. While at Spotify he built core components of the infrastructure for content delivery, making it scale to millions of users. Prior to Spotify, Ulf researched new methods of executing controller software on servers as a consultant at HiQ. He holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Gothenburg.

Sebastian John von Freyend

Software Engineer

Sebastian is an eclectic mind at the intersection of CS, design and HCI who most recently worked at 14islands leveraging interaction design principles to engineer user interfaces with React and Redux. Prior to 14islands, Sebastian worked at Stanley Robotics collaborating in a cross-functional team with designers, developers, hardware engineers, and marketers. Sebastian earned his double M.Sc. at KTH and Université Paris-Saclay in Human-Computer Interaction and Design.

Jenny Luo

Marketing Analyst

Jenny earned her M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering with a Machine Learning specialization at KTH. During her studies, Jenny has done internships at Accenture implementing NLP techniques for automating customer care, at H&M automating warehouse functions as well as at Karma, researching regions for upcoming international expansion.

Mai Johansson Alm

Growth Manager

Mai previously worked at Stockholm-based fintech Tink where she founded the Growth & Monetization function which is dedicated to providing the best self-serve experience for developers and monetizing these users. Prior to Tink, she spent several years at Dropbox where she led the self-serve assist efforts, scaling the outsourced sales functions to a global level with a sole focus on incremental revenue programs. At Sana Labs, Mai is responsible for building the self-serve function. Mai holds an MA double degree in European Management Studies from ESB Business School and EM Strasbourg.

Alexandra Schildt

Business Analyst

Alexandra earned her M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering with a Machine Learning specialization at KTH. During the summers, she’s done internships at Accenture developing AI applications for internal use as well as Bonnier News working on data analysis to forecast customer service volumes as well as retention.