Where live learning comes to life

Sana simplifies and enhances live learning. Groups can explore ideas, test their knowledge, and build trust. And they can do it all without switching tabs.

Welcome and reconnect the group

Keep everyone on their toes with a quick quiz

Break the ice and gauge opinions easily

Split the group randomly or based on poll results

Let everyone think freely and build on each other’s ideas

Empower everyone to share their perspectives

Sticky notes
Keep the brainstorming casual

Start threads and react with emojis

Present anything from images to code snippets

Stream seamlessly thanks to auto-mute

Collage and collect team memories

Keep up the energy and engagement with interactive quizzes, chat threads, emoji reactions, and more.

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Prep and host the perfect session by setting up everything in advance and seeing how the group is responding

In-session insights help you deliver a more relevant experience by showing who’s raising a hand and responding to polls, and who might be falling behind.

Post-session insights summarize the group’s activity and help you follow up on key discussion points.

Create more immersive learning journeys by blending live collaborative sessions with personalized self-paced courses

Combining individual learning with collaborative learning is the winning way of doing things.”

Anna Klingborg
Global Head of Learning & Development

Enabling a sustainable
future through learning


Designed for everywhere
that learning happens

Company onboarding

Reduce information overload with adaptive courses and increase employee engagement through interactive sessions.

Daily standups

Start the day right with an interactive check-in and energizer that brings the team together from wherever they are.

Customer success enablement

Make all your product info accessible and dynamic so that your reps spend less time closing tickets and more time upselling customers.

Leadership academies

Create a safe space for your leaders to learn how to build psychological safety, give and receive feedback, and encourage a growth mindset.

Team retros

Celebrate the sprint wins with emoji reactions and encourage more suggestions for improvement with reflection cards and polls.

Upskilling initiatives

Help teams support each other when learning a new skill by blending group sessions with solo study.

Sales training

Let everyone brush up on the latest specs, perfect their pitches, and hone their negotiation skills.

Hybrid workshops

Encourage everyone to share their ideas with ice-breakers, interactive notepads, and breakout rooms.

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