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Say goodbye to scattered knowledge and information silos. Sana searches all your company’s apps to answer every question. In under 100ms.

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Search all your
company’s knowledge

From Slack to Salesforce, G-Suite to Notion, Sana integrates with all your company’s tools in under 5 minutes. Just write what you want to know in your own words and Sana will search every last doc, email, message, slide, spreadsheet, and more.

Get automated answers

Sana doesn’t just organize your company’s knowledge, it understands it. Right down to the last paragraph. So whether someone’s looking for a product spec or a payroll policy, they always get the most up-to-date answer. Summarized in natural language.

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More productive teams

From voice to text

With automatic transcription, Sana can document and search any recorded meeting or conversation. Never regret not taking notes again.

Unlocks every team

Onboarding FAQs, customer support queries, sales decks, git workflows. Sana puts the right information right at everyone’s fingertips. No more bottlenecks.

More than
intelligent search

Sana does much more than organize and surface your company’s knowledge. It helps you create it too.

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