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Meet Galileo

The world’s first expert assistant for HR. Brought to you by The Josh Bersin Company. Powered by Sana AI.

What Josh Bersin resources can I access?

Get the entire Josh Bersin library at your fingertips. Galileo searches through every last word to find the most up-to-date HR resources for you.

“Galileo marks a paradigm shift in how HR professionals access and utilize expert knowledge.”

Josh Bersin, founder of The Josh Bersin Company

How do I interact with Galileo?

Chat with Galileo about any HR topic. From DEI and talent management to company culture and training, Galileo’s answers will save you time and keep you learning.

What if I don’t know where to start?

Let Galileo guide you to the right topic. The prompt library is full of ready-made questions and tasks to help you tackle any HR and learning challenge.

Can I do more than ask questions?

Galileo makes a great HR brainstorming partner. Ask it to summarize Josh Bersin reports, compare vendors, create implementation plans. And much more.

What context can I give Galileo?

Get more relevant support from Galileo by adding your company’s knowledge in a secure environment. Your content never trains the underlying LLMs.

How did you come up with it?

Galileo is the product of a shared vision in augmenting human intelligence through artificial intelligence. With Sana AI as the platform and The Josh Bersin Company library as the source, we aim to revolutionize how HR professionals learn and access knowledge.

The Galileo team from Sana and The Josh Bersin Company

“Current research on AI augmentation has demonstrated productivity gains exceeding 50% and a 44% improvement in work quality. With Galileo, we are merging the advantages of generative AI and Josh Bersin’s top-tier research to extend these benefits to HR professionals worldwide.”

Joel Hellermark - Founder and CEO, Sana


higher quality results


faster task completion


resolved support issues

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Galileo by The Josh Bersin Company is under active development and will be available for wider access early next year.

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More questions?

Who is The Josh Bersin Company?

The Josh Bersin Company are the most trusted human capital advisors in the world. More than a million HR and business leaders rely on them to help overcome their greatest people challenges.

Through 25 years of research and interviews with thousands of companies and vendors, The Josh Bersin Company has amassed the largest and most trusted library of best-practices, vendor information, benchmarks, case studies, and professional development tools for HR. Its members benefit from over 50,000 pages of research, 1000+ blogs, and countless hours of video and podcast recordings.

For more information, visit www.joshbersin.com or email info@bersinpartners.com.

What is Galileo trained on?

Galileo is trained on the complete library of HR resources from The Josh Bersin Company, which includes over 50,000 pages of research, 1000+ blogs, and countless hours of video and podcast recordings on the following topics:

Talent acquisition, talent management, corporate training, diversity and inclusion, organization design, rewards and recognition, pay and pay equity, performance management, leadership development, global HR operations, hybrid work, culture, change management, and every major area of HR technology. Galileo also covers over 500 vendors, the database for which grows every week.

How does Galileo differ from other AI tools?

Many companies are now experimenting with Generative AI through public internet tools. Galileo differs from these existing AI tools for the following reasons:

  • Depth of expertise. The answers and support you receive from Galileo are based on an extensive library from The Josh Bersin Company, one of the world’s leading advisory companies for corporate learning, talent management, and HR. The Josh Bersin Company has customized Galileo to answer and behave as if it were an expert consultant from their organization.
  • Knowledge quality and consistency. Using retrieval-augmented generation, Galileo gives more factual answers to any HR question. When you ask Galileo a question, a neural search engine retrieves the right sources from a wide range of verifiable knowledge from The Josh Bersin Company—including videos, podcasts, and articles.
  • Source attribution. While other AI chat tools don’t consistently back up their answers, Galileo attributes sources to each answer with specific references and further learning content from The Josh Bersin Company library.
  • Privacy and security. While other assistants may get trained on your data and usage, risking data leakage, Galileo lets you upload your own content without training any underlying large language models on your data.
  • Workflow support. Beyond answering questions and brainstorming ideas, Galileo helps you solve day-to-day tasks like drafting implementation plans because it can generate content based on both expert HR resources and your organization’s information.
How does Sana AI power Galileo by The Josh Bersin Company?

Sana AI enables The Josh Bersin Company to integrate all its multimodal content sources—including articles, podcasts, and videos—and make them searchable and queryable at scale in one end-to-end platform. Beyond integrating these content libraries, Sana AI tags, transcribes, and indexes them, with instant synchronization whenever new content becomes available.

To generate more factual answers, Sana AI uses retrieval-augmented generation—identifying the semantically relevant videos, audio, and texts, ranking the sources, and attributing the generated answers to the underlying Josh Bersin Company references.

With the platform’s flexible admin controls, experts from The Josh Bersin Company can tailor Galileo’s behavior to provide users with accurate knowledge through an intuitive user interface. Beyond searching for specific Josh Bersin Company resources, users can chat and brainstorm with Galileo on any HR-related topic, and ask it to generate assets like implementation plans.

How is The Josh Bersin Company able to guide and customize Galileo’s answers on Sana AI?

Sana AI provides The Josh Bersin Company with a flexible, end-to-end platform to make its expert knowledge accessible through AI-powered assistants.

  • Sana AI integrates, tags, transcribes, and indexes all of The Josh Bersin Company’s varied content sources into one platform, with instant synchronization when new content is available.
  • When a user asks a question, answers are generated with retrieval-augmented generation: identifying the semantically relevant videos, audio, and texts, ranking the sources, and attributing the generated answers to the underlying references.
  • The Josh Bersin Company uses Sana AI’s assistant builder to tailor Galileo’s instructions, specifically adapted to various HR roles and tuned with hundreds of archetypical HR scenarios
How secure is Galileo?

Galileo does not train any underlying language models on user input, thereby eliminating the risk of data leakage. Sana AI, the platform powering Galileo, is single tenant, ISO 27001 certified, and GDPR compliant. All data is encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2+. The platform follows data privacy regulations and guidelines to protect each individual user.

How do I get access to Galileo?

The Josh Bersin Company is offering Galileo to its corporate members as well as individual HR professionals, with an expected launch of the latter in early 2024. Sign up for the waitlist here.

How Sana AI powers Galileo by The Josh Bersin Company

Sana AI empowers organizations like The Josh Bersin Company to create and manage custom assistants from one secure, user-centric knowledge platform.

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