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When it comes to employee onboarding, there are no second chances. Create and organize an immersive onboarding program that’s unique for each hire and true to your unique culture.

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Make those first days count

You sold them on your mission and culture. Now it’s time to prove it. With Sana’s collaborative editor, your onboarding options are endless. Create a course on internal comms, or spin up a live session on company values. There are templates waiting to get anyone started, and real-time editing so everyone can chip in. After all, your existing team is your greatest asset. Sana empowers them to pass on what they know with pride.

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Build trust from wherever your newcomers are

Remote onboarding should be rewarding. With Sana’s native live experience, you can host everything from a new hire meet-and-greet to a company values workshop. Interactive features like polls, quizzes, and reflections give even the shyest newcomers a voice. While emoji reactions and chat threads make everyone feel seen and appreciated. Your onboarding sessions will burst with life, and your new team members will feel right at home.

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Ramp up new hire productivity with personalized courses

Fast-moving companies need fast-moving onboarding. Sana speeds up the process by tailoring your onboarding courses to each individual. Your new recruits will skip over what they already know and revisit their most challenging topics. From compliance to company culture, the result is faster course completion and improved knowledge retention. Which equals better performance.

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Equip your recruits with the resources they need

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Especially when there’s always an answer on hand. Thanks to some clever AI, everything you create or upload to Sana is searchable. Whether your new hire needs a refresh on your product strategy or company expense policy, all they need to do is ask. Sana will provide the answer and guide them to the right material to learn more.

Automate the admin and focus on the experience

The best onboarding processes are timely and consistent. Sana helps you create and scale that structure with smart automation features. Enrol new hires into your onboarding program, set up Slack reminders, track completions, and more. With the manual work out of the way, your HR team can concentrate on what matters most—building trust and human connection.

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Build on what you’ve already got

Scaling up your onboarding on Sana doesn’t mean starting from scratch. You can choose from a rich library of templates and instantly convert your existing files. Suddenly, a handbook PDF becomes an interactive culture course. A brand playbook morphs into a live design workshop. Whatever onboarding material you’ve got, you can bring it to life in Sana.

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We’re using Sana for our entire workforce, starting with onboarding. We have many employees from all over the world, so it’s even more important to offer that personalized experience.”

Cecilia Tosting
CEO Hemfrid

Enabling personalized learning for Hemfrid


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Made for more than digital onboarding

Sana isn’t just for onboarding. It’s the home for all your company’s learning and knowledge sharing.

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