Upskilling nurses to fight COVID-19

As healthcare systems worldwide are struggling to meet the demand for treatment from COVID-19, nurses need to be quickly upskilled on the essential skills and concepts for providing intensive care to COVID-19 patients. Hospitals are accelerating this training using Project Florence’s personalized, adaptive learning.

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How it works

Project Florence curates an up-to-date curriculum for treating COVID-19 patients in critical care. After an adaptive assessment measuring the knowledge of the users, personalized content is recommended in real-time to address their individual skills gaps.

Measuring learners’ knowledge with adaptive assessments

Sana’s adaptive assessments map each learner’s knowledge in under 10 minutes and 20 questions. Sana uncovers knowledge gaps and tracks each learner’s mastery to optimally tailor the learning experience.

Developing skills with personalized learning paths

Sana identifies where skill gaps exist, and what learning is needed to reach mastery. Continuously personalizing the learning paths based on the individual needs of the learner. Surfacing just what they need, right when they need it.

Making informed decisions with actionable insights

Sana’s powerful learning analytics allow instructors to evaluate learners’ strengths, weaknesses, and progress with unmatched clarity in real-time. Actionable insights and recommendations put tailored interventions at instructors’ fingertips.

Providing virtual instructor-led training

Sana enables virtual training and communication with learners through intuitive communication features. Share screens simultaneously and co-annotate for interactive training focused on the skill gaps provided in analytics.

COVID-19 Critical Care

Staff Safety & Minimizing Transmission

Oxygenation & Ventilation

Airway Management

Oxygen Supply Systems


Mechanical Ventilation

Management of Shock

Additional COVID resources

The main author of the curriculum is Ed Park, MSN CCNS CSC CMC CCRN NPD-BC Cardiovascular Critical Care CNS. Ed Park has over 31 years of experience in Nursing, most recently at Mount Sinai Morningside. In his spare time, Ed serves as nursing clinical faculty at Columbia University NYC, Hunter College NYC, and Adelphi University.

The Japanese language version of the curriculum has been gracefully translated by Ms. Yuko Ikeda, Mr. Kenta Muroya, Mr. Takuto Shiraishi, Ms. Tamami Arai, Mr. Tomokazu Koide, and Ms. Mio Teramoto.

The sources for content used in the curriculum include American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, Society of Critical Care Medicine, and Mount Sinai Health System.

Other contributors include the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation and EdPlus at ASU.