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Sana for sales enablement

Why enable when you can empower. Give your modern sellers the tools they need to build skills, access knowledge, and coach each other to success. Without having to switch tabs.

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Ramp up the team in record time

You’ve hired the best. Now you need them doing what they do best. Sana speeds up the sales onboarding process by tailoring the training to each team member. Pre-course assessments skip your reps past what they already know. While personalized reviews target each person’s individual knowledge gaps. Whether they’re learning BANT tactics or social selling strategies, your recruits will complete the training faster and retain the insights for longer.

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Empower top performers to coach your reps

Your sales managers have all the tips but none of the time. Sana’s collaborative editor lets them pass on their wisdom in minutes. There’s always a template to provide inspiration, and real-time commenting to speed up production. Some clever AI will even create quiz questions for them. The more learnings your team shares, the faster they’ll grow. And the faster they grow, the faster your business grows.

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World-class sales teams are more than winning machines. They’re humans who collaborate, challenge, and care for each other. With Sana, your team can build those bonds from wherever they are. They can spin up a live session and practice pitching in pairs, or upload their recordings and ask for feedback. However you want to bring your team together, Sana has the interactive features to help them connect.

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Put product knowledge
at their fingertips

Your prospects have a lot of questions. Sana gives your team the answers. From the latest product features to the details on data security, all they need to do is ask. Sana will search everything you’ve created or uploaded and provide a real-time summary. So your reps spend less time chasing colleagues and more time closing deals.

Automate the admin and focus selling

Sana scales with your sales team. Create blended learning paths that combine pre-read courses with live group coaching, and enroll your new reps automatically. With timely Slack notifications and email reminders, they’ll never miss a beat. Who said sales automation was isolated to outreach?

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Drive sales performance with our Salesforce integration

Sales enablement should lead to sales impact. Our connector helps you close the gap. When you integrate Sana with Salesforce, you can trigger learning initiatives based on real-time funnel data. Your reps will keep building the right skills at the right time—and your metrics will keep moving in the right direction.

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Automatically trigger learning assignments based on sales data

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Level up your existing collateral

Ambitious reps deserve exceptional resources. Sana makes it easy to exceed their expectations. Build an immersive sales bootcamp, design interactive battlecards. Or simply convert what you’ve already got. Whatever material your team needs, you can bring it to life in Sana.

We use Sana for our sales and customer service training. The platform is super easy to use from both a content creator and learner perspective. We can finally give our sales and success teams the right support at the right time. As a fast-moving company trying to disrupt a competitive market, that timely support is invaluable.”

Filip Lam
People Growth at Alan

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More than a sales enablement tool

Sana isn’t just for sales. It’s the home for all your company’s learning and knowledge sharing.

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