Gathering memories

update 2022

Time flies when you’re having fun. Here are some of our favorite moments so far this year. And a sneak peek at what’s cooking in the Lab.

A heartful thanks to all our partners. With each idea and comment, you inspire and motivate us to build a truly game-changing learning product.


Custom branding, colors and typefaces. So you can make Sana yours.


Year-over-year growth
at a record high



AI-powered features that help
you create quizzes and questions


Ready-made templates that inspire, steer, and speed things up

Staff updates

New Sanians
joined the mission


In progress
Autumn 2022

Audio huddling will make editing even faster and more inclusive


Also in Create
PDF import and annotation, fresh themes and colors, user-created templates, inline commenting, collaborator invites, comment-only access, and more

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Sofie Nabseth
Business Development Manager

I love all the updates to our editor. We believe everyone should be able to create great learning content, and the features we’ve built are making it easier than ever before.”


Sana Live—your interactive classroom for group learning and knowledge sharing

In progress
Autumn 2022

In-session insights will help
you read the virtual room


Smart breakout rooms to split
groups based on polls

In progress
Autumn 2022

Post-session insights will turn your facilitators into superstars

Partner onboarding

Response time on
customer support


Jon Lexa

Reflection cards are my personal favorite. They’re so versatile! You can use them to ask a question, run a check-in, or give kudos. Most importantly, they make sure everyone’s thoughts and ideas get heard.”


Sticky notes keep the brainstorming casual


Also in Live
Hand raises, collaborative notepads, chat threads, emoji reactions, screen sharing, session data export, synced video playing, multiple facilitators, Gcal integration, and more

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Interactive cards to make every session engaging, inclusive, and collaborative


A new card-based editor to make learning content more modular and flexible

In progress
Summer 2022

A brand new Home for all your
learning recommendations and more


Slack integration for timely reminders and notifications

Filip Sjölander
Machine Learning Engineer

AI is such a powerful tool for scaling effective learning. We’re using algorithms to curate any content uploaded or created in Sana, and make sure it reaches the right person based on their skills and interests. Working on this problem really inspires me.”

In progress
Summer 2022

Enhanced placement tests for more effective personalization


Also in Learn
Email notifications, blended learning paths, roles and skill onboarding, and more

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Actionable learner analytics
thanks to a fresh design


A color-coded heatmap to see learner performance at a glance

Sana HQ

A new home for our
team in Stockholm

An early sketch of our tea
room by architects Halleroed


Service uptime


In progress
Autumn 2022

Task automation will reduce admin and help you scale learning intiatives

Jenny Luo
Growth Associate

As a marketer, I’m super excited about our new automation features. MarTech has worked with automation for years to streamline processes and personalize experiences. It’s time to bring the same benefits to L&D.”


Due dates make it easy to
create learning cohorts


Also in Manage
Link import, notifications settings, SCIM, integrations, APIs, report downloads, and more

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These are the moments
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