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Turbocharge reskilling and upskilling
Elevate product understanding for sales
Empower smart and adaptive support
Accelerate compliance training
Unify learning data to ensure compliance
Accelerate operations onboarding

Health systems, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and other global organizations use Sana to personalize learning. Powered by AI, Sana accelerates time to mastery, improves engagement, and delivers rich learning analytics.

A learning assistant, for you

Sana identifies where skill gaps exist and what learning is needed to reach mastery. With adaptive assessments, learning, and review, Sana personalizes the path to the individual needs of a learner — surfacing just what they need, right when they need it.

“Our partnership with Sana Labs allows us to leverage the company’s leading AI-technology to enhance the learning experience.”

Micael Holmström
Chief Executive Officer at Academy

The power of 1,000 analysts in your hand

Powerful learning analytics allow you to evaluate your teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and progress with unmatched clarity. Actionable insights and recommendations place tailored interventions at your fingertips.

10x more effective authoring

Our intuitive authoring tool allows anyone on your team to create engaging courses. With integrated nudging and content insights, Sana creates data-driven opportunities to improve courses over time.

“The addition of Sana’s AI technology allows us to add even more value for our learners, providing a personalized learning experience to help drive success.”

Mike Malee
President at Becker


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