Enabling a sustainable future through learning

Svea Solar, one of Europe's fastest-growing cleantech startups, has partnered with Sana to accelerate its rapid growth journey through learning.

Scaling Europe's access to clean energy is now an environmental and political imperative. We believe that learning is key to scaling our company quickly and sustainably, and that's why we are so excited to partner with Sana Labs.”
Hanna Mannberg
Chief HR Officer
Svea Solar

Svea Solar is on a rapid growth journey. Now Europe's third-largest solar solution provider, the company plans to double its €100 million revenue during 2022 and grow from 700 to 5000 employees by 2025. Crucial to that journey is the ability to successfully onboard and upskill their thousands of solar panel installers:

Our installers are some of the most important people at Svea. The faster and safer they can install our panels, the sooner we will be able to fulfill our mission to save the planet through solar energy. Sana One gives us that speed in two key ways: firstly, by making it so easy for us to create and publish our training programs; secondly, by tailoring those programs to each installer's individual learning needs. That was a winning combination for us.”
Christian Ehrenstråhle
Global Learning & Development Lead
Svea Solar

In addition to installation onboarding, Svea Solar will use Sana One to run broader culture-building and leadership initiatives. At the center of those experiences is Sana Live, the platform's dedicated space for real-time learning and collaborative knowledge sharing:

The leaders at Svea are ambassadors for our culture and the fuel for our growth. To ensure our leaders remain role models, we need to provide them with the learning experiences needed to develop the right skills, and we see Sana Live as a place to nurture those skills. Being able to interact, collaborate, and reflect together in one place—that's where the magic will happen.”
Anna Klingborg
Global Head of Learning & Development
Svea Solar
Svea Solar is working on one of the world's most urgent and important problems. We look forward to being a part of enabling Svea's employees to learn and innovate their way to a more sustainable future for us all. Enabling this kind of impact through learning is the reason why Sana exists."
Joel Hellermark
CEO and founder
Sana Labs

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