Reimagine your onboarding with Sana

There's a saying that
"a company is nothing
without its people."

At Sana, we believe that a company is also nothing without a culture that empowers its employees to learn, develop, and grow. And that by providing the tools for your teams to learn faster and smarter, they can achieve incredible things—whether that's building new game-changing products, developing life-saving medicines, or transitioning to a sustainable business model.

Creating that thriving learning culture starts with your onboarding program. After attracting, finding, and hiring the most talented people to join your organization, you don't just want to get them up to speed; you want them to be ready to run. That means providing your new hires with all the tools, resources, and context they need. And doing that in a way that's easy to manage and scale as your company continues to grow.

As a fast-growing startup, we understand these priorities well. So much so, that we evolved our learning platform in response to them. Here's why and how we and some of the world's fastest-growing scaleups are using Sana to reimagine our onboarding experiences.

Reduce information overload with personalized learning

We've all experienced that first-day feeling: A whirlwind of meetings and blurred faces whose names we're desperately trying to remember. It's a lot to take in, especially when it's happening through a screen.

With Sana, you can onboard every recruit in the way that suits them best. The platform keeps track of what and how each employee is learning, surfacing the right question or lesson based on how they engage. So if a new sales rep doesn't quite grasp your latest product features the first time around, Sana will help them revisit it through dedicated review sessions. And whenever other questions arise, which they surely will, Sana's AI-powered search can provide relevant answers based on all of your onboarding material. It's like having a 24/7 company guide in your back pocket.

By providing a more personalized onboarding experience to their employees, we've seen our partners reduce five-day onboarding programs down to three days.

Increase engagement and connection with live, interactive sessions

Something magical happens when people come together. With Sana's interactive live experience, you can host hybrid or remote onboarding sessions that engage new team members from start to finish.

Example interactive features

  • Break the ice with a poll
  • Test core concepts with a quiz
  • Encourage reflection with a prompt card

By creating a space where your new hires can both test their new knowledge and build on each other's ideas, they not only make meaningful connections with their peers, they immerse themselves in your unique company culture.

Sana is also an empowering space for the employees running these onboarding sessions. Real-time progress updates help you tailor the session to everyone's needs, and you can even split the group into breakouts based on previous poll responses—Sana will do the matching for you. Great facilitation is a skill that requires a lot of multitasking. With Sana removing some of the heavy lifting, you can encourage more team members to step up and pass on what they know to their new colleagues.

To reinforce the learnings from a group session, follow up with individual homework. In Sana, it's easy to set up onboarding cohort programs that combine self-paced courses with live sessions.

Example onboarding cohort program

  • Pre-read company handbook course
  • Live session deep dive into company values
  • Post-session course on putting values into practice

Blending these two methods provides your recruits with the best of both worlds: the flexibility and convenience from working to their own schedule and the accountability and connection from learning with others.

Simplify and scale onboarding by bringing it all under one roof

Few company training programs are as scattered as onboarding: code of conduct PDFs here, leadership principle slides there, user guide docs everywhere. But new hires (and their fast-growing teams) thrive on simple processes and a single source of truth.

Housing all your onboarding material in one place saves time for both the people creating it and engaging with it: Every asset becomes dynamic, editable, and scalable in real-time. And with Sana, it's all easy to upload and import. Adding templates is also a great way to encourage more existing team members to host sessions that stay as on-brand as they are on point.

Creating an onboarding experience that provides the tools, resources, and context to empower your new hires to develop and grow, is the stepping stone to a thriving learning culture.

Sana collects all your learning content under one roof — transforming it into a centralized, dynamic, and scalable knowledge bank. Self-paced sessions that are personalized to every employee enables every recruit to get onboarded in the way that suits them best, while live, interactive sessions provide the opportunity for your new hires to test their knowledge, gain perspectives and make meaningful connections. The combination of the two results in an onboarding experience where your new hires learn better, retain knowledge longer while being more engaged.

We and some of the world's fastest-growing scaleups are already using Sana to unleash the full potential of our workforce. And we’d love to explore how to reimagine your onboarding experience together with you, today.

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