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Enabling personalized learning for Hemfrid

Hemfrid, Sweden's largest company within home services, is partnering with Sana Labs to accelerate the learning and development of its 2300 employees. The partnership is a strategic step in Hemfrid’s journey to drive innovation and attract, grow, and retain talent.

Learning is one of the most important components of our continued success, and we want to find new ways to create an even stronger learning culture. Our partnership with Sana Labs will allow us to take our learning and development to the next level so that we can continue to spearhead innovations within home services”
Cecilia Tosting

Hemfrid will offer all 2300 employees AI-powered and personalized learning through the Sana platform, including onboarding, upskilling and reskilling programs, and learning in the flow of work. Sana ensures that each employee learns in the way that suits them best by personalizing the learning experience. The focus of the partnership is to create an engaging and personal learning journey for each employee that is efficient, automated, and scalable to the entire organization.

Hemfrid are pioneers in their industry, and we are proud to drive innovation forward by being part of their growth journey. We are looking forward to delivering an integrated and completely tailored learning experience for Hemfrid's employees”
Joel Hellermark
Founder and CEO
Sana Labs

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