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Sweden’s major non-profit organizations partner with Sana Labs to provide free training to Ukrainian refugee volunteers

Sana Labs has joined the cross-sector initiative A Safe Start in Sweden to support people fleeing from Ukraine.

A Safe Start in Sweden brings together several non-profit organizations and members of the Swedish business community. The joint goal is to provide faster assistance to people fleeing from Ukraine to Sweden. The non-profit foundation airbnb.org is helping those fleeing find temporary housing, and Sana Labs has offered its learning platform to train the volunteers:

The conflict in Ukraine is hitting millions of people incredibly hard. Equally, there’s a tremendous desire to help, and many people are stepping up to volunteer for the first time in their lives. The faster we are able to train these volunteers, the quicker they can make a positive impact. We’re thrilled that Sana Labs has enabled us to do that by giving us access to their learning platform.”
Malin Crona
Project Leader
Beredskapslyftet (Skill Shift Initiative)

The volunteer training consists of a range of important topics. Volunteers learn how to support adults and children arriving to Sweden, what to think about when opening up their home, and how to utilize available societal resources. Behind the scenes, all participating organizations can create, upload, and edit this material directly within the Sana platform, in real-time.

Sana Labs is proud to join A Safe Start in Sweden and improve the experience for Ukrainian refugees through volunteer training. The project has been collaborative since day one, and it’s inspiring to see how the participating organizations are all contributing to the training material in the Sana platform.”
Olivia Elf
Chief of Staff
Sana Labs

The A Safe Start in Sweden team was up and running on the Sana platform in one week. The participating non-profit organizations include Save the Children Sweden, Swedish Association of City Missions (Stadsmissionen - local social work in Sweden), UNHCR Sweden, and World Childhood Foundation.

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