Learning data made actionable

Take the guesswork out of growing your team

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Plug-and-play analytics

Full picture.
Zero set up.

Easy to use for everyone, Sana’s analytics dashboard offers a complete understanding of how your organization is learning. At a glance, and at any time.

Full performance overview

Follow your employees’ progress and see how your courses are performing

Exportable data

Gather the data you need and bring it to your existing BI tools for a holistic overview

Sana’s AI technology allows us to add even more value for our learners,
providing a personalized learning experience to help drive success.”

Mike Malee, President


Weekly digests

Insights in your inbox

Let the reporting come to you. Sana shares a weekly snapshot of how your team learns so you can shorten the loop between insight and action.

Activation and engagement

Find out what courses your employees' are taking, how much they study, and how often

Rating and completion

Get your team’s feedback on the courses you provide and see how many of them are finishing their training

Actionable insights

Built for impact

Sana does all the work for you so you can turn insights into action and everyone in your team into superstars.

Automated suggestions

Approve training reminders in a single tap and keep everyone on course

Harness the power
of 1,000 analysts

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