Hello personalized, adaptive learning. Save employees time, increase engagement, and boost knowledge retention. With a little help from AI.

Make learning relevant and more effective. Sana adapts courses to each individual’s knowledge level and performance.

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Placement tests save time by assessing existing knowledge and skipping employees past what they already know

Sana is a game-changer in terms of the efficiency of learning. When you can tell an employee they’ve saved 9 training hours, that’s powerful.”

Sue Ritchie-Campbell
Head of Learning & Development

Personalizing learning with Merck Canada


Dedicated review sessions target individual mistakes to help learners close their knowledge gaps faster

Personalization meets inspiration. Keep engagement high with interactive features and beautiful learning content.

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AI-powered search means everyone gets answers to their questions. Exactly when they need it.

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Connect learning to career development. Sana recommends what each employee should learn based on their role, skills, and interests.

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