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August 2023

Staggered assignments. Thoughtful learning journeys.

Crafting a learning program has never been more precise. With Staggered assignments, you configure when learners should start and complete each program step, then let automation work its magic. Sana will make sure every learner embarks on the right step at the right time.

Teamspaces. Public knowledge.

Building on June’s release, the latest Teamspaces update makes organizing a group’s learning and knowledge even easier. You can now create folders and sub-folders to help members find what they need and set the space to public if you want anyone to contribute.

Version history. Future-proofed content.

Final drafts aren’t always the best drafts. If you need to restore to something you created earlier, you’ll soon find all historical versions of your content in the top right of the editor. See who made what changes and when, and piece together your perfect edit accordingly.

Global sidebar. Open for browsing.

Fast-moving teams don’t have time to dig for information, so we’ve made it easier for everyone to jump to what they need. The sidebar will now appear wherever you are in the platform and let you browse your most recent and assigned content as well as what’s in Teamspaces.

June 2023

Program overview. Clearer learning paths.

We've made it easier for learners to understand and navigate their assigned courses. Accessible from the home screen and 'My Library,' the Program overview page is clean and contextual to each program. Bonus: admins can reorder the steps of every program too.

Certificates. Certified achievement.

Admins will soon be able to create, design, issue, and track certificates directly within Sana. Connect the certificate to course completion and boost the feeling of accomplishment even more.

Course editions. Localization simplified.

Translation doesn't need to be time-consuming. With Course editions, all you need to do is set the languages associated with a course, and learners will automatically receive the course in their preferred language.

Teamspaces. A home fit for purpose. 

Teamspaces help you organize a group's learning and knowledge. Name the space, add your members, set access levels, and watch the collaboration unfold. Ideal for organizing learning between teams and restricting content to certain people.

Assistant & Search. Now working as one.

We've merged Sana Assistant and Universal Search into a single 'Ask Sana' button that's available anywhere in the platform, even in Sana Live. To ask a question, all you need to do is press enter. Thanks to language model updates, improved search algorithms, and the ability to tag documents in your prompt, Sana's answers will be more relevant than ever.

Microsoft integrations. 365 knowledge.

Sana AI plays nice with the world's most popular tools. With our new Microsoft integration, Sana will search across Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive to find the information you need and answer your work-related questions. Instantly.

Global sidebar. Seamless navigation.

Context and control were the main motivations behind the new Global sidebar. Navigate seamlessly between different areas, browse your docs and personalized recommendations at a glance, and see the outline of whatever you're viewing or editing.

Share and access controls. Smooth and improved.

Thanks to new powers behind the editor 'Share' button, it's easier than ever to decide who sees and accesses what in Sana. Set your edit, comment, and view levels. Adjust link-sharing settings. Move content to a teamspace. Control group visibility levels. All from one place.

Meeting recaps. Made in real-time.

Sana can now transcribe your live sessions as they are happening and generate a summary of who is saying what. For best results, hit record. That way, Sana can retrieve anything you want from the meeting anytime. All you need to do is ask.

April 2023

ChatGPT. For all your company's knowledge.

Another major AI upgrade comes to Universal Search and Sana Assistant this month. Search's rankings have improved, Assistant's responses are sharper, the UX is cleaner, and documents are easier to find. Admins can also choose whether to allow Assistant to surface general knowledge from ChatGPT. And those who like a shortcut can now reach Assistant anywhere with Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + F.

Multilingual AI. Maximum benefit.

Everyone should benefit from AI's productivity powers, whatever language they speak. We've upgraded our AI models so that Sana understands, generates, and translates content even more effectively in languages other than English.

Presenter notes. Pitch-perfect sessions.

Group facilitators have a lot to juggle. Remembering what to say shouldn't be one of them. Now, anyone with edit access to a Live meeting can add presenter notes to all cards. When you run the session, the notes will show up in the facilitator sidebar—so you're always on top form.

Recordings. Every insight captured.

Another win for facilitators—all Live sessions are now recordable. After the session ends, participants can tap Recap to rewatch and browse all the content. Admins can also download the recording from the session detail page in Manage. No more forgotten insights, no more missing out.

@Tagging. Neater knowledge management.

We've made it easier to build connections between all your company's knowledge in Sana. Simply type @ followed by a content title when you're in the editor, and you'll create a direct link. Ideal for building wikis and encouraging further learning.

Layout lifts. On desktop and mobile.

Your company's knowledge should come to life on any device. Thanks to the improved margins and styling on mobile, learning on the go feels even more engaging. And with the new wide and narrow layout mode, you decide how immersive the experience should be.

Homepage highlights. That personal touch.

Your homepage in Sana is a special place—it's the entry point to knowledge and discovery. To make the experience even more relevant, your personalized recommendations will now highlight your most pressing tasks first. And for that extra on-brand feel, admins can tweak the images and descriptions to all the content categories surfaced at the bottom of the page.

March 2023

Search and Assistant.
Smarter than ever.

Imagine ChatGPT for your company's knowledge. That was the idea behind combining Universal Search with Assistant, which has just had a major upgrade. Even faster searching across all your company apps, even more relevant answers, across more integrations. Goodbye bottlenecks. Hello productivity.

Columns. More stunning content.

Your team's ideas and insights have no limits, so why should your layout design? Enter: columns. Create as many as you need, fill them with images and text big and small, and share your knowledge with flair. The medium is the message, after all.

Images. Repurpose your AI creations.

Using images in Sana has never been easier. Resizing is smooth, drag and drop a breeze. And you can now reuse any of your AI-generated images—no need to start from scratch.

Sana Live. Videos with a vibe.

Group sessions are more effective when you know who's doing what. In Sana Live, that starts with the video tiles. From now on, facilitators will get shown with a checkmark, speakers highlighted with a moving audio icon, and everyone's name badges will pop in bright colors.

Follow me. For facilitators.

Follow Me's purpose is simple: no more "can you scroll down, please" in Sana Live sessions. With Follow Me, facilitators can ensure that participants see exactly what they see. You scroll, they sit back and follow along.

February 2023

Exercises. Homework that works.

True learning happens when we apply what we know. This is what the new exercise card is for—to test any kind of skill connected to a course. Maybe your sales reps need to practice their pitches, or you want your latest leadership cohort to summarize their top learnings. Whatever you want to assess, you can set up the task in minutes. Then sit back and watch the entries roll in.

Smart groups. Admin on autopilot.

You asked, and now it’s official: the days of manually grouping users are over. With smart groups, anyone who meets your user attribute criteria will automatically join or leave the group. Integrate Sana with your HRIS, and you’ll never need to worry about adding a new joiner ever again.

Checklists. Productivity gains.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as ticking off a to-do list. Which is why you can now add checklists in Sana. Use them in live sessions to track team tasks, but don't forget to include them in courses. Checklists are a nice opportunity for recapping key points and prompting solo reflection.  

Embed cards. Easy integration.

We’ve created dedicated embed cards for all your favorite external web content and tools. AirTable, Figma, Google Drive, Loom, Miro, YouTube. You name it, you can paste it. No more fiddling for the right links.

Image resizing. Beautiful content. 

Previously, there were fewer ways to control how your images appeared in the editor. Now, it's completely up to you. Drag, drop, resize—you decide how much your pictures should pop.

Inline toolbar. Copy control.

Formatting matters. Period. So we've added new font sizes and styling options, like subscript and superscript, so you can style to your heart's content. All these options live neatly under the new inline toolbar, which you find by highlighting your text.

January 2023

An even smarter AI co-writer at your fingertips

Assistant is an even better creative partner with our latest UX and feature updates. It can brainstorm topics as soon as you've written a title and continue writing your paragraph as soon as you take a pause. Ideal if you're running low on ideas. Find these features and more from the new Assistant button in the editor.

Learn from the best with community templates

We're making it possible for the world-leading organizations using Sana to share their best content through reusable templates. If you've created something you're proud of, let your customer success representative know. The more we share, the smarter everyone grows. 

Your content, your rules

We want you to make Sana yours. So in addition to the custom UI fonts, you can now configure custom fonts specifically for content headlines. And you can choose between more font sizes in paragraphs. Speaking of paragraphs, we’ve also polished the spacing to improve readability.  

Move more easily through Manage

Manage has had a navigation makeover. The sidebar has fresh icons, the submenu items under Users are gone, and the detail pages have breadcrumbs. In other words, it's easier and quicker to get to where you want to go and remember where you are once you get there.

Progress on reset progress

A small but mighty win for the mandatory course admins—it's possible to reset path progress from the user detail page in Manage. When this happens, your learners can retake any course within that path from scratch. No more re-assigning.

December 2022

Universal Search unlocks productivity

Say goodbye to scattered knowledge and information silos. Sana can now search all your company's apps in under 100ms and provide an answer in natural language. From git workflow queries and product specs to HR and customer support FAQs, Universal Search puts the right information at everyone's fingertips.

Flip cards add flair and fun

Ask questions or prompts, then let your learners tap to reveal the answers. It's as simple as that. Flip cards are available for live sessions and self-paced courses as a standalone card or a block within a Page card. A neat and sweet way to make your content more interactive—wherever you use them. 

Learner progress is easier to track

We've overhauled the user tab in Manage to give you more control over finding and reviewing learner progress. First, filter users on custom attributes based on any third-party integration. Then select the heatmap to see their progress on any content at a glance. If the user has completed the content, you'll see green. If they haven't completed it, you'll see red.

Tables bring structure and clarity

Rows and columns. Sometimes, there's no better way to organize information. Now you can create tables inside a Page card and structure everything from team to-dos to feature comparisons.

Buttons are now on brand

Your learners should feel at home in Sana. So we've extended custom theming to include all primary action buttons and tabs in the platform. All you need to do is head to Manage settings, add your color code, and receive immediate bonus points from your brand manager.

Sliding scales spark debate

Meet the newest member of the card family: the sliding scale. It's the perfect alternative to a poll or quiz—participants can place themselves anywhere on the scale to indicate a mood or preference. Currently available in Sana Live. Soon available in courses.

November 2022

Meet your new AI assistant

Sana Assistant is your AI editing partner. Ask it to generate unique images, write paragraphs, create lists, and more. Simply type what you want, and Assistant makes it happen—in line with your style and tone of voice. Your content creation process just got 10x faster.

Eye-catching recommendations

Bold and bright recommendations, unique to what you're learning and creating. That's what each person sees when they land on their Sana Homepage. And if you've set up custom branding, these recommendations will be on brand, too—automatically matched to your chosen colors.

Self-enrollment solves the scheduling puzzle

Conflicting calendars shouldn't be a barrier to session attendance. So now you can let learners pick the live session that best suits their schedule. When assigning, simply select 'let learners self-enroll'. Less work for you, more flexibility for them.

Shine the spotlight in Sana Live

Session facilitators can now pin and enlarge the videos of up to four participants in the Lobby and sidebar. Perfect for highlighting key speakers in panel discussions or keynote presentations in larger group sessions.

Better copy/paste to cut your editing time

You can now copy and paste cards into other self-paced courses or live content. To paste in bulk, just copy the entire module. When you copy live content into a self-paced course, live-only cards like breakout rooms or lobbies will automatically disappear. Available from the editor sidebar and the standard keyboard shortcuts. 

The obsessive details

Smoother navigation - To avoid confusion and save steps, we've removed the 'My workspace' dropdown from the top bar and replaced it with 'Library' and 'Create'.

Keeping time - The countdown timer is now visible in all breakout rooms. When time is up, facilitators can either close the room or reset the clock.

Staying focused - To encourage presence and reduce distraction, we've made it possible to minimize your own video during Sana Live sessions.

October 2022

Seamless video recording
with Narrations

Narrations let you add detail, context, and flair to your courses. Simply tap the camera icon in the editor to record on any self-paced card. Then hover over the video to start, stop, review, or delete. Goodbye, digital textbook. Hello, more engaging courses.

Sana Live gets a
major design refresh

We’ve overhauled the design in Sana Live to improve the experience for participants and facilitators. Everyone sees more faces in the sidebar, the navigation bar is more visible, and there’s a new topbar for facilitators to manage all session controls.

Live session recaps
for continued learning

Your live sessions are packed with ideas and insights. Now, you can make all that knowledge available to your learners after the session has ended—polls, reflections, questions, and even notepad content. Perfect for those who want a refresher, as well as those catching up.

A glossier glossary and
table of contents

We've optimized the space around course content, so learners see more of what they want when they want it. The table of contents can now stay open as they interact with the course. Learners will also find an updated glossary for context on those hard-to-remember terms.

Let there be light
(and dark mode)

All of Sana’s learning experiences now adapt to your system settings. If you set your computer or phone to dark mode, Sana will follow. If you prefer a lighter setup, there will be light.

Power to the participants with learner-led sessions

Running sessions without dedicated facilitators just got easier. Just select 'participant navigation' when you schedule the session. The feature will let any participant navigate back and forth between cards, open and close breakout rooms, set timers, and close the session.

Smoother navigation in courses and sessions

Navigating through courses and live sessions is about more than orientation. It’s about motivation. That’s why all published courses and live sessions now include a progress bar at the top of the screen.

More control for
content creators

In the new editor, you can now:

  • convert a live session to a self-paced course and vice versa
  • copy and paste an entire card into the same or different course or session
  • unpublish a course once it's published
  • add question explanations and variations
  • assign content to learners directly from the share button
  • invite people to collaborate directly from the share button

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