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With Sana, tech companies transform how they learn across product, sales, onboarding and compliance through personalized learning. As a result, teams are equipped with relevant and cutting-edge knowledge to develop and ship innovations faster.

Ship innovations faster with upskilling, turbocharged

A tech company is accelerating the upskilling of their R&D teams to develop and build innovative products faster. Through Sana’s personalized recommendations at the right time, learners are more engaged, internalize the content faster, and turn knowledge into world-changing applications.

Sell faster and smarter

A tech company is personalizing sales training and onboarding to reduce time to mastery. Managers gain valuable insights into skill gaps through Sana’s powerful learning analytics and can help team members improve their sales performance efficiently

Keep information safe with effective compliance training

Sana’s adaptive assessment identifies skill gaps effectively and takes these insights to create personalized compliance trainings. Users achieve mastery faster by 50% and remember the content longer, keeping company information safe.