Helping manufacturers succeed in uncertainty through agility and innovation

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Industrial goods companies are facing unprecedented pressure regarding sustainability, competitive supply chains, and digitization. Driving a clear learning and development agenda for business transformation — staying agile in periods of uncertainty — can be the deciding factor to build competitive advantage. Sana’s all-in-one training platform enables you to unlock your workforce’s potential.

Upskilling the workforce for digitalization

A leading automotive company uses Sana to enhance digital skills and to enable a culture of continuous learning. Sana’s collaborative authoring tool empowers employees to create courses on industry best practices, driving bottom-up adoption and fostering an environment of innovation.

Growing operational efficiencies to drive revenue growth

A global vacuum pump manufacturer is personalizing sales training and onboarding to reduce time to mastery. With Sana’s powerful learning analytics, employees can quickly mitigate skill gaps to improve sales performance.

Improving employee safety with accelerated compliance training

A forward-thinking bank is accelerating the upskilling of financial advisors with Sana’s personalized learning. Through individual learning paths, Sana accelerates time to mastery by 50% while improving engagement.