Personalizing learning for medical professionals

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Healthcare providers can provide the best training when they have powerful, intuitive tools. Sana personalizes learning for how we learn, adapting content to our individual needs. The result is that learning becomes more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately more engaging.

Reducing time to compliance

A leading health system uses adaptive assessments to quickly identify the skill gaps and personalize compliance training accordingly. Admins can see the compliance at a glance and act on insights in a single tap, reducing time to compliance while improving learning outcomes.

Accelerating upskilling

A forward-thinking health system is personalizing the upskilling of nurses. Through personalized learning paths, Sana focuses on the individual learner’s needs, ensuring nurses have the latest knowledge on the prevention and treatment of diseases.

+70k nurses using Sana to deliver improved care at over 2,000 hospitals and clinics around the world

Efficient onboarding

A healthcare provider empowers every nurse with a personalized orientation. Through adaptive assessments, Sana measures pre-existing knowledge, personalizes the learning paths in real-time, and reviews concepts until they are retained. The result is a more efficient and engaging onboarding.