Accelerating digital transformations in Consumer Goods

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FMCG is becoming increasingly customer-centric, through new omni-channels, and the need for greater speed and responsiveness. The necessity for a rapid digital transformation is more vital than ever. With Sana, teams accelerate digital upskilling up to 62% faster, empowering them to translate knowledge into applications.

Transforming talent acquisition through turbocharged upskilling

A multinational FMCG company is upskilling their talent acquisition team for digital tools and skills to revamp their candidate sourcing pipeline. Using Sana’s adaptive learning and neural search, recruiters learn skills in half the time, enabling more time for hiring quality candidates.

Delivering higher ROI on product launch processes with personalized upskilling for data analytics

A multinational retailer is upskilling employees in data analytics to improve the feedback loop in their product launch process. As a result, employees can faster and more accurately pinpoint valuable insights into the aspirations and needs of their customers. These insights drive better tailored offers that foster stronger relationships and yield higher sales.

Safeguarding company assets with personalized anti-fraud training

A multinational furniture retailer is deploying Sana’s adaptive assessments to quickly identify critical skill gaps and personalize anti-fraud training to address business risk. Retail employees complete compliance training up to 50% faster while remembering fraud prevention steps 3 times longer, keeping company assets safe.