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With Sana, life science companies are accelerating mastery across upskilling, sales training, compliance, onboarding, and more. Through personalized learning, teams are empowered with up-to-date knowledge to develop and launch breakthrough medicines.

Elevating sales performance

A pharma company personalizes sales training and onboarding, reducing time to mastery by 50%. Pinpointing skill gaps with powerful learning analytics enables managers to continuously improve sales performance.

Saving time in compliance training

A biotech company deploys Sana’s adaptive assessments to quickly identify skill gaps and personalize compliance training. Learning outcomes are improved while time to compliance is reduced by up to 50%.


Reduction in
time to mastery

Turbocharging upskilling

A pharma company is personalizing the upskilling of their R&D teams to develop and deliver effective drugs. Providing real-time recommendations, Sana surfaces just what users need, right when they need it — driving higher engagement and faster upskilling.

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