How Sana works

Sana is as intuitive to use as it’s transformative. With integrated learning, analytics and authoring, Sana enables the next generation of personalized, adaptive learning.

Add admins, content creators, reporters, and learners, then set their permissions. You can do this step at any time.

Create unique lessons by stacking modular media, text, and interactive blocks in any order you want. Then customize them with your own content.

Publish the training to your library, tag with a category, and enroll individuals or groups as learners. You can also choose to let learners self‑enroll.

Learners take adaptive assessments, personalized learning paths, and download completion certificates. And they discover new training material through recommendations, search, and browse.

See what training materials learners have accessed, the time they’ve spent learning, and the lessons they’ve mastered. Drill into any content to view enrollees, learner progress, difficulty, and more.