Stories on workforce training and corporate learning

Frontiers of Learning is Sana Labs’s podcast 
that explores the world of learning. This series 
of podcasts focuses on workforce training and corporate learning: the challenges, the novel solutions, and our guests’ experiences.

Latest episodes

Episode 08
Marcus Wallenberg

Our host Jon Lexa talks to the Chair of SEB and Vice Chair of Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Marcus Wallenberg, about Sweden's knack for innovation, his personal experience working across a variety of industries, and how learning empowers the individual to innovate and pioneer.

Episode 07
Jeanne Meister

Jon Lexa speaks to Future Workplace Academy founder Jeanne Meister about the future of corporate academies, cooperation between universities and companies, and leveraging technology and improve employee wellbeing.

Episode 06
Marc Howells

Our next guest Marc Howells, VP & Head of Global Talent & Learning at AstraZeneca, reflects on the importance of purpose, how adapting to change and learning agility has been key at AstraZeneca to developing a vaccine for covid-19, and connecting curiosity to performance.

Episode 05
Christopher Lind

Jon Lexa talks to CLO, founder, and podcast host Christopher Lind about the importance of questioning band-aid L&D solutions, showing vulnerability within teams, and seizing every moment.

Episode 04
Lena Bjurner

Learn more about Lena Bjurner, her role as CEO at the Swedish HR Association and the future of HR in this episode of Frontiers of Learning.

Episode 03
Neil Bearden

Explore and learn about Neil Bearden (ex-INSEAD professor, founder and investor), his journey and the power of stories in the third episode of Frontiers of Learning, hosted by Jon Lexa, CCO at Sana Labs.

Episode 02
Gabriela Styf Sjöman

Listen to Gabriela, CSO at Nokia, and Jon Lexa, CCO at Sana Labs, discuss the role of a leader, 5G and the importance of upskilling in the second episode of our podcast.

Episode 01
Hélène Barnekow

Listen to the first episode of Frontiers of Learning, where Hélène Barnekow, CEO of Microsoft Sweden, and Jon Lexa, CCO at Sana Labs, discuss value-based leadership, building diverse teams, and a new way of learning.