Frontiers of Learning
A celebration of the pioneering people, processes, and technologies at the forefront of workplace learning.

On June 9th, over 2000 attendees from more than 74 countries tuned in to hear today’s most prominent minds in L&D and AI research share ways to make learning more personalized, measurable, and in the flow of work.

Catch up on the videos below to start reimagining learning for your organization, and see how Sana can help you get there.

Catch all the speakers:

Joel Hellermark
welcomes you to Frontiers of Learning

Danica Kragić
on AI’s potential to transform learning

Oscar Täckström
on AI breakthroughs at Sana

Joel Hellermark
on the next evolution of Sana

Lori Niles-Hofmann
on learning in the flow of work

Jon Lexa
on how Sana supercharges startup teams

Simon Brown
on fostering a culture of curiosity

Anna Nordell-Westling
on how Sana partners with global organizations

Peter Manniche Riber
on making learning measurable

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