The L&D leaders’ guide to applying AI to learning

Lavinia Mehedințu · Co-founder of Offbeat February 8 · 11-11.45 CET

AI is in the spotlight. Chat GPT, text-to-image—this new suite of generative tools is making AI more accessible than ever. But what does this technology mean for learning? And how should L&D prioritize the rise in AI alongside other major L&D trends?

We’ve invited Offbeat co-founder and learning architect Lavinia Mehedințu to share her take. Since starting Offbeat, Lavinia has been curating the best resources to keep L&D leaders ahead of the curve.

In this exclusive live session, she’ll share her perspective on:

  • The latest L&D mega-trends
  • AI’s role and impact in the digital workplace
  • The benefits of generative AI
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