April 19, 15-15:45 CET/10-10:45 EST

The evolution and future of the CPO

with Lars Schmidt, Founder of Amplify

HR has never experienced so much change. Post-pandemic, the world is retiring industrial-era concepts of work and reimagining where, when, and how we do our jobs. That includes the CPO. To embrace this once-in-a-generation opportunity, People leaders need to redefine their role. Lars Schmidt will show you how.

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Lars Schmidt is the founder of Amplify, an organization dedicated to supporting and connecting the next generation of transformative people leaders. He’s also the author of the bestselling book Redefining HR, co-founder of HR Open Source, creator and host of the Redefining HR podcast, and a regular contributor to Fast Company.

Join Lars to learn:

  • How and why the role of the CPO is changing
  • What skills Chief People People need to acquire and which to leave behind
  • How to embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead

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