The power of
people data

Hosted by Winningtemp & Sana Labs December 1 · 10-11.00 AM CET
Jacob Österberg
VP Corporate Development
Emil Sjölander
Business Development Manager
Sana Labs
Johan Eriksson
Investor, advisor and Specialist Leader

The amount of data on and from our teams is exploding. With the right tools and strategy, we can leverage it for everything from employee engagement to upskilling. So how do we do that at scale?

We’ve invited investor, advisor and Google Specialist Leader Johan Eriksson to explain. Heading up Google’s Analysts and Specialists, Johan has been guiding world-leading organizations on their data journey. Join our interactive session to discover:

  • How Google leverages people data to build a better workplace
  • What capabilities lie behind the world’s best people analytics
  • How Winningtemp and Sana Labs can predict and trigger learning opportunities based on real-time employee engagement data.

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