Unleashed potential for every student and teacher

The Sana API enables learning products to personalize the online learning experience for millions of users, with personalized learning and assessment, alongside actionable insights and analytics.

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Improve learning outcomes with Personalized Learning and Adaptive Assessments

Improve both learning outcomes and engagement by personalizing content to each learner’s strengths, knowledge gaps, and knowledge retention while powering adaptive placement tests and assessments.

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Adaptive Assessment

Predicting what students know and adapting the assessments in real-time, question by question.

Mastery Learning

Sana resurfaces material, optimizes content difficulty and offers remedial content until full mastery is reached.

Knowledge Remediation

Sana identifies and fills each learner’s knowledge gaps and predicts future knowledge gaps before they arise.

Knowledge Retention

Sana resurfaces content at optimal time intervals for each learner, creating long-term memory retention.


44% more problems mastered and 3 times the retention of information when reaching mastery learning.

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Exam preparation

70% reduction in test length and 15% improvement in test scores with personalized review sessions

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Language Learning

Empowering learners to perfect their pronunciation with state-of-the-art speech recognition technology

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Free up time for teachers with actionable insights and analytics

Allow teachers to spend time on what they’re best at - teaching. With actionable insights about their students, teachers save time in understanding what their students need to practice on.

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Actionable Insights

Tailored tips and useful recommendations, enabling teachers to act on opportunities in a single tap.

Learning Analytics

Making it easy to see who needs help, which learners are at risk, and which students have achieved mastery.


More problems mastered


Retention of information


Reduction in test length


Improvement in test scores

“Teachers prepare students for the future and they deserve the best tools. Therefore, we created digital teaching materials that are easy to use and that grow with the challenge. With NE’s new mathematics materials, we now take the next big step where we combine proven knowledge and education with new smart technology for a student-oriented experience and a better result.”

Hubert Kjellberg

Chief Executive Officer at NE and Brockhaus