Personalized skilling, reskilling and upskilling

We partner with the world’s most important organizations to personalize learning. Through personalized learning paths, skill assessments, actionable insights, and powerful analytics we transform learning outcomes for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and more.

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Turbocharge reskilling and upskilling
Elevate product understanding in sales
Empower smart and adaptive support
Accelerate the compliance training
Unify learning data to assure compliance
Accelerate operations onboarding

Measure learners’ skills with adaptive assessments

Adaptive assessments enable Sana to map each learner’s skill in under 10 minutes and 20 questions. Sana uncovers knowledge gaps and each learner’s mastery and optimally tailors the learning experience thereafter.

Identify skill gaps with real-time visibility

Sana provides powerful learning analytics that reveal and predict skill gaps in real-time. Dynamic, ongoing remediation traces mistakes back to learners’ prerequisites. As a result, Sana ensures no knowledge gaps go unaddressed, and that mastery is achieved and maintained.

Develop skills with personalized learning paths

Sana shows managers and team members which skills are needed to succeed, where skill gaps exist and what is needed to work on to reach role mastery. Sana recommends learning opportunities for career growth.

Make informed decisions with actionable insights

Powerful learning analytics allow you to evaluate your teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and progress with unmatched clarity. Actionable insights and recommendations put tailored interventions at your fingertips.

Create and manage roles, groups, skills and paths

Seamlessly assign roles, skills and learning paths to employees to automate course assignments, get actionable role- and skill-insights and tailor learning to individuals' specific needs.

“Our partnership with Sana Labs allows us to leverage the company’s leading AI-technology to enhance the learning experience. Thanks to the Sana platform, our teachers can use the vast amount of student-generated data, and tailor instruction to the background, ability and development of each participant.”

Micael Holmström

Chief Executive Officer at Academy Group