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Software engineer

Join the tech team at Sana Labs to advance our mission of making personalized learning accessible to everyone. Our work ranges from R&D of new machine learning models to scalable infrastructure and delightful user experiences.

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We seek to hire skilled and passionate software engineers across the stack. You need to be creative, responsible, and curious while working with others to move quickly in turning code into customer solutions. This is your chance to develop cutting-edge technology that will help change the future of education around the world.

Our selection process is continuous and we move forward with candidates on an ongoing basis. If you have questions about the role, contact (for frontend and backend) and (for machine learning and data engineering). Expectations for common profiles are listed below.

Frontend / Fullstack / Web

We expect you to know
  • The web – from the ground up; from HTTP to CSS
  • React – with a deep understanding of state management
You will
  • Work in a cross-functional team
  • Implement client-facing features for the Sana Platform
  • Work with API integrations or design implementation depending on your focus

Backend / Infrastructure

Preferred qualifications
  • Highly available, scalable and extendible backend systems
  • Enterprise integrations; such as SAML and SSO
You will
  • Work in a cross-functional team
  • Maintain and develop the infrastructure for the Sana Platform
  • Be responsible for scalable and stable deployments

Machine learning / Data engineering

Preferred qualifications
  • Applied machine learning to user facing products
  • Robust and scalable data- and model infrastructure
  • Rigourous experimentation and evaluation methodology
  • A user- and business focused perspective
  • Experience with recommendation systems, natural language understanding or generation is a plus
You will
  • Work in a cross-functional team
  • Maintain and develop the data and ML infrastructure powering Sana
  • Be responsible for turning data into insights and/or product features

Our tech stack

  • React, TypeScript, Next.js, Redux
  • Kotlin, JVM
  • Postgres, BigQuery, Aerospike
  • Docker, Kubernetes, GCP