Everything starts
with learning

Learning is the foundation of human progress. A chance to create a better version of ourselves and the world around us. The more people we can empower through world-class learning, the more game-changing innovations and discoveries we’ll see.

By changing the way the world learns, we change the world.

Where artificial and collective intelligence meet

The boundaries between learning and knowledge sharing are blurring. PDFs, slides, sheets, docs, courses, videos, pods, webinars, seminars...

We’ve never had so much access to knowledge, and we’ve never been so overwhelmed. Yet learning has never been more important.

Sana creates order from this chaos. It recommends what each person should learn based on their specific role, skills, and interests. It organizes anything you create or upload and makes it searchable. It even writes quiz questions for you. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Technology is a tool, and tools cannot solve everything. But by applying AI where it matters most, we can create a smarter way for teams to learn and share knowledge. In doing so, we unlock our collective intelligence.

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Playing the infinite game

Every decision we’ve made at Sana has been influenced by the idea of the infinite game. Instead of playing to win, we play to keep on playing.

Optimizing for the long-term allows us to do two important things—focus on the details and spend time with one another. We can obsess over that last pixel on a button, we can cook lunch together as a team.

After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. These are the actions and moments that make us.

We want Sana to be a place where people do their life’s work. Where every day adds up to something meaningful. That means dreaming big, moving fast, and caring deeply for one another along the way.

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